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Please note: I am not taking on new patients. 

Stop surviving




Claire's care and compassion, combined with her knowledge and understanding of trauma and her "magical" use of EMDR have helped me to put together some of the last pieces of the jigsaw of my recovery journey. 

The confidence and self-belief that Claire has helped me to find have enabled me to have the courage to put my website together, which I hope is informative and inspiring to survivors of trauma and to therapists alike.                                                                                       Janet, Warwickshire 



I cannot thank Claire enough for the impact she has had on my life and progress. I never imagined to improve to the extent that I have. The therapy has been healing, revealing and educational, and I am just so grateful I have got some of my energy back. Claire is a breath of fresh air in the world of therapists. She is funny, down to earth, and makes you feel instantly comfortable and safe. I particularly valued her sense of humour which often lit up the sessions for me. Claire, thank you for everything!

Julie,  Birmingham

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Life can be difficult at the best of times but sometimes the ways we have learned to cope with life's challenges can become outdated and cause more problems than they solve. ​


Need help to break free from old patterns?



I have a doctorate of Clinical Psychology. I am HCPC registered, EMDR UK and Ireland Association Accredited Consultant and a Chartered member of the British Psychology Society.


I am proficient in a variety of therapies which I can tailor to individuals difficulties. I will work with you to look at what will be the most effective therapy for you.


I offer  EMDR, Compassion Focused Therapy,  Affect Centred Therapy, Emotional Regulation Work, Integrative Psychotherapy and CBT.




Dr Claire Cope 

Clinical Psychologist

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Having always been a sceptic about all forms of talk therapy and having had awful experiences with the mental health services provided by the NHS, meeting Claire was like a breath of fresh air.


Her pragmatic, friendly and down to earth demeanour along with her integrated approach to a variety of forms of therapy were the key to the help I needed.


Stevie, Birmingham

Please note: I am not taking on new patients at this time

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